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We are happy to welcome the following keynote speakers: E. J. Candès from Stanford university (USA), J.H.J. Einmahl from Tilburg university (Netherlands) and L. Wang from Miami university (USA).

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About the conference

The International Conference on Robust Statistics (ICORS) has been an annual international conference since 2001. The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in robust statistics, data analysis and related areas. This includes theoretical and applied statisticians as well as data analysts from other fields, and leading experts as well as junior researchers and graduate students. The ICORS meetings create a forum to discuss recent progress and emerging ideas in statistics and encourage informal contacts and discussions among all the participants. They also play an important role in maintaining a cohesive group of international researchers interested in robust statistics and related topics, whose interactions transcend the meetings and endure year round.

The previous ICORS meetings were held in Vorau, Austria (2001), Vancouver, Canada (2002), Antwerp, Belgium (2003), Beijing, China (2004), Jyväskylä, Finland (2005), Lisbon, Portugal (2006), Buenos Aires, Argentina (2007), Antalya, Turkey (2008), Parma, Italy (2009), Prague, The Czech Republic (2010), Valladolid, Spain (2011), Burlington, USA (2012), St. Petersburg, Russia (2013), Halle, Germany (2014), Kolkota, India (2015), Geneva, Switzerland (2016), Wollongong, Australia (2017), Leuven, Belgium (2018), and Guayaquil, Ecuador (2019), no ICORS conference in 2020 due to global Covid pandemic, Vienna, Austria (2021), Waterloo, Canada (2022).

The conference welcomes contributions to applied statistics as well as theoretical statistics, and in particular new problems related to robust statistics, machine learning, outlier detection and data analysis.


The place

Toulouse School of Economics - TSE

ICORS 2023 will be held at the Toulouse School of Economics - TSE (France) from May 23 to 26 2023, in the brand-new building, inaugurated in November 2019 and designed by Grafton architects. TSE is a world-renowned center for research and education hosting more than 150 international faculty including Jean Tirole, 2014 Nobel laureate in economics. Over the past forty years, TSE has emerged as one of the best economics departments in Europe, ranked among the top three beneficiaries in economics of the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) grants. TSE also prepares tomorrow's top economists and statisticians via its wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.



TSE - 1 Esplanade de l'Université, 31000 Toulouse - France

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